Desperados presents ReVibe

In response to Desperados’ D&AD brief, I created an interactive activation to incite positive change and bring experimentation to the standard concert experience. With collaboration and exploration at it’s core, people are encouraged to attend an event and bring a vinyl record that defines them. Whether it’s a song that’s linked to a memory or simply a favourite jam, the audience will bring their own flare. DJs will mix these chosen songs together, thus creating wild experimentation. Small changes were also made for consistency, such as by using the circular vinyl grooves as a visual signifier, a new limited edition logo would be used throughout the branding in place of the classic striped Desperados logotype. This will bring the community together, bridging the gaps between people through a shared love of music. It also can become a platform for change and social good, through supporting and connecting with local creative groups and allowing participators to meet the people they are helping.

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